Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Latvia branch

Legal address
Vienības gatve 87h, Rīga, LV - 1004, Latvija
Country of origin
Supervisory authority

Market segments

Market segment
Insurance companies
Other market segments

Licenses / Types of activities

Insurance companies
Service Providers from the EEA
Freedom of Establishment
Branches of Member State Life insurers
Permit the operation of a branch
Date: 28.09.2007
Special conditions / Comment:

The notification was sent on 16.07.2007.

I. For life insurance
III. For unit-linked life insurance
1. For accident insurance
2. For health insurance (insurance against illnesses)

How to become a market participant

In order to become a participant of Latvian financial and capital markets and commence business activities, a credit institution, an insurance company, a reinsurance company, an insurance broker, a credit union, an investment management company, an investment firm, an operator of regulated market, a pension fund, a payment institution, an electronic money institution, as well as an alternative investment fund manager shall obtain operating authorisation (licence).

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